There are many areas that fascinate him and that he studies in depth, until he then finds a personal sign, a trait and a perspective vision due to an artistic intellectual maturity that summarize all this in a very particular and never accommodating track. Often bold and bold. After many years of study and travels, research and meetings, a style that predominates. There are many periods in which he uses various techniques and materials depending on the context that frames but more and more we see the intention to follow and deepen that instinct tamed in the technique but made more fluid in his irresistible desire to explore and represent lands, peoples, experiences, even through minimal forms. Strong strokes, unsettling shades, split earths, opaque enamels between bright colors and peaty smells, animal silhouettes and balance of the composition. Over the years, the forms become simpler, but the researches and projects are very complex, which is why it is always interesting to discover the creative phase often shared on the web, fascinatingly making the origins of a “simple” long-lasting work more understandable. History by choice, serial productions are rare, with “equal” pieces and very frequent unique pieces or themed collections, created for art and / or design galleries around the world. In the artistic evolution he jealously maintains and nourishes a unique style which, even if in the expressive polyhedrism, continues to simplify itself structurally and is loaded with meanings. Today Spalluto uses watercolors and ceramics far from didacticism, where predominantly European clays (stonewere) are used, techniques ranging from classic paintings and geometric signs to unpredictable shades of raku glazes, which see the protagonists of the highly sought after and appreciated unique pieces. Executive and aesthetic originality, refining his way of intervening in art, without forgetting the artistic path and the importance of stylistic roots.

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