Art during the creative process and works that remain aesthetically designed to be both pleasant and sometimes useful. This is what Paolo Spalluto’s ceramics and painting convey. The design of unique pieces or limited series together with the pleasure of sharing both experience and knowledge, make everything an authentic work. There are many areas that fascinate him and that he studies in depth, until he then finds a personal sign, a trait and a perspective vision due to an artistic intellectual maturity that summarize all this in a very particular and never accommodating track. often bold and bold. After many years of study and travel, research and meetings, a style that predominates. Meditau was born from the need to leave a conscious trace using clay or colors but at the same time it is an introspective work and this is why meditation is a continuous evolution both in defining and in appreciating the fact that not everything it can be controlled, as in ceramics, so in meditation it is observed by redefining the spaces that belong to us but that change.

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